Courses and Bridge Sessions for Beginners and Improvers

At Leeds Bridge Club we have a range of courses for beginners and improvers and a number of relaxed bridge sessions for our beginners and improvers to progress to. 


Complete Beginners Courses  (No prior knowledge of bridge expected.)

Term 1 of our 'Complete Beginners' classes start in September and run for 10 weeks. Full attendance for the early lessons is recommended as one lesson builds on the previous lesson and it is not easy to catch up.

Term 2 usually starts in January and continues where the ‘Complete Beginners’ course left off.

Term 3 starts in summer and completes the first year course.


Improvers Courses  (For those who know the basics and would like to brush up on their technique.)

The 'Improvers' classes are self-contained and you can attend whenever it suits.

Course Costs

For both beginners and improvers the fees are £8 per session or £70 for a 10-week course.

Please click here to go to the 'Beginners and Improvers Courses' page.


Beginners and Improvers Bridge Sessions

Our beginners and improvers bridge sessions allow members to develop their bridge skills in a relaxed atmosphere where help can be asked for and crib sheets can be used.   

These include two morning 'Chicago' sessions, 'Stepping Stones' (an evening practice session for members who have recently learned bridge) and a 'Supervised Bridge' duplicate bridge session for those who have been playing for 2+ years but don’t feel confident to take on the experts. 

Please click here to go to the 'Beginners and Improvers Bridge Sessions' page.

If you have tried the 'Supervised Bridge' bridge session and feel confident that you can play in a duplicate session of a higher standard without notes or help then you may want to come to one of our regular club sessions.  Please click here to go to our 'Events' calendar to see when these sessions are.  If you come along, please let the TD know that you are a newcomer.













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