Leeds Leaders Win Harrogate League

Saturday, 11 April 2020 by Rhonda Moss

The Leeds Leaders team, captained by Daryl Kayes and Chris Boyes, have won the Harrogate League for the first time after competing in the top division for more than ten years - and after falling just short in recent years by tiny margins.

The final match of a slightly truncated season was effectively a title-decider between the Strays and the Leaders.  Both teams fielded all-Leeds line-ups and the match was played online - a first for the Harrogate League.  After a close first half, the Leaders were ahead by 5 IMPs.  The Strays won an even tighter second half by 4 IMPs, with a few kibitzers (online viewers) dropping by to watch how it was going.

The final score of a very enjoyable match was 55-54 to the Leaders - translating to a 10-10 VPs draw.  Remarkably, the reverse fixture earlier in the season was also a 1IMP win for the leaders.

This means that the Leaders won the Harrogate League by just two points ahead of the Strays.  Please click below if you want to see the full Harrogate League results:


The teams playing in the last match were:

The Leaders:  Daryl Kayes, Chris Boyes, Alan Hayward and Mike Ferguson

The Strays:  Adrian Ford, Bill Holmes, Peter Carson and Richard Kempner