Split Pairs

Thursday, 01 March 2018 by Sue Friedman

We are pleased to announce that our trial 'Split Pairs' is continuing. Once a month we will be running two evening sessions simultaneously.

One session will be known as 'The Clarksville Group' and the other session will be a normal pairs evening open to all our members as usual.

 The Clarksville group provides intensive training for players at A/B team level, and is therefore by invitation.  Anyone interested in attending a session should contact Mike Ferguson for more details.

We do encourage any Improvers, Chicago members or others who are maybe a bit wary of playing duplicate to come along on these evenings. These sessions will be  inexperienced player friendly.  That means allow more time and latitude for new players, and perhaps a buddy from the other players who can give advice on any questions (but not What should I bid?).

These special evenings will be run on:

Mon 26 Feb
Thu 15 Mar
Tues 24 Apr
Mon 21 May
Tues 5 Jun