Split Pairs Evening - Tuesday 5 December

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 by Sue Friedman


Following the event we held on 9th November, which was called a stratified pairs, we have reviewed the structure and taken account of the feedback.  The next event will be on Tuesday 5th December, and you will see that we are calling it a Split Pairs which more accurately reflects the structure of the event.  

There will be two separate events on the night.  One will be for higher ranked players and will be scored as cross imps (and the scoring system will divide the results by the number of tables to give more familiar numbers).  The other will be open to anyone and will be scored as matchpointed pairs.  We encourage our Improvers, or anyone wanting to try out our duplicate sessions to come to this event. They will be two completely separate sections, although it is possible that they will play the same boards.

Please also note that we aim to start at 7.15, to make it easier to manage two simultaneous events running.  Please make sure you arrive by 7.10.