Pre-duplicate Hand Discussions and Seminars

As part of our training programme for this season, we are running a number of short seminars prior to the club duplicate sessions.  There are two types of event: the first will focus on a specific topic, and the other will be a discussion of the hands from the previous week’s duplicate session for that day.

The events will start at 6.30 pm, in the left hand side of the bridge room, and will last no more than 40 minutes.  Members are free to join the event at any time.  There is no charge for these events.  All members are welcome but the events are aimed at basic to intermediate players rather than experts.

Topic Seminars

There will be approximately one a month and we will spread these across Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Hand Discussions

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Night Duplicate Players

There will be one hand discussion each month for each day, as shown below.  The expert presenter will select some interesting hands from the previous week as a starting point, but anyone can ask to discuss a particular hand.  You do not need to have played the previous week to attend.  However, if you do play a week ahead of the event, we recommend that you keep a scorecard and make a note of anything you’d like to raise.  The hands will be shown on the TV screen to facilitate discussion but we will have some copies available for anyone far from the screen.

Topic Seminars and Hand Discussions for January to March 2019
  Date Day Presenter Event
January 17 Thursday  Tom Copeland Hands
  22 Tuesday  Geoff Kenyon (+Mike) Hands
  28 Monday  Derek Fraser  Hands
  30 Wednesday  (Mike) PWAE Pivot teams
February 4 Monday  Nick (+Mike) Hands
  21 Thursday  Alan Hayward Hands
  26 Tuesday  Mike Hands
  18 Monday  Tom Copeland Seminar
March 5 Tuesday  Mike Hands 
  18 Monday  Robin Hands 
  21 Thursday  Alan Hayward Hands 
  12 Tuesday  Mike Seminar 
All the events listed above will be held in the bridge suite and will be free to all members.  They start at 6.30 pm and aim to finish by 7.10 pm but you can join at any time. 
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Sunday Seminars

Our first Sunday seminar of the year took place on Sunday, 13 January 2019.  This was a very well-attended event, led by Mike Ferguson, and gave a good insight into competitive bidding and the use of doubles.  The next seminar is arranged for Sunday, 3 February at 11.00 am in the bridge suite.  The topic of 'Card Play' will be led by Nick Woolven. There will be a cost of £2.

Details of the March seminar will be confirmed in due course.

Seminars for Wednesday Night Duplicate Players

There will be hand discussion, led by Mike Ferguson, on some Wednesday evenings.  These will begin at 6.30 pm and will finish around 7.10 pm. 

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