THE LEEDS LEAGUE 2018/19 – Rules and Structure


Section 1




The structure will be:

• There will be two divisions in the league, with eight teams in each division.

• Each team will play each other team in their division once. Matches will be of 24 boards,

played in two sets of 12.

• Teams may play only four players, who must stay in partnership for the whole match.

• Scoring will be by imps converted to VPs; the team with most VPs will win their division.

The VP scale is shown in section 3.

• Split ties: if teams have equal VPs, the tie will be split by the result of the head to head

match (in imps), then on total imps difference. If still equal, it will be given to the team with

the lower team NGS score. If still equal, it will be shared.

• Matches will normally be played on the first Wednesday of each month for the first division,

and on the third Wednesday for the second division. However, please note that the

September date for division 2 has been changed to 26th.

• Matches will start at 7.00 unless a different time is agreed between the captains

• Where the fixed date is inconvenient for any team, they may arrange to play on any

different date by agreement with the opposing captain. The team should offer at least three

alternative dates, preferably within a week either side of the fixed date, and this should be

done as early in the season as possible. IMPORTANT: if matches are planned to be played

at Leeds Bridge Club other than on the fixed dates, they MUST be booked through the Club


• We expect teams to be co-operative in agreeing date changes when given plenty of notice

(6 weeks is our guideline).


• Teams may consist of any number of players, but each team must register at least 4

players at the start of the league.

• Teams have been allocated to a division based on their team rating. This is the average

score for all team members multiplied by four. The score for individuals is based on the

NGS rating at August 17. For clarification, J=11, Q=12, K=13, AC=14, AD= 15, AH/AS = 16.

Team scores are shown in the team list.

• Teams can add further members at any time. You can also use substitute players if

members of your team are unable to play in any match. This can include players registered

with another league team – the only exception is that no-one may play against the team

they are registered for.


Section 2




• There will be duplimated boards which teams must use. On each event night there will be

two sets of boards available. Two matches should start with boards 1 to 12, and two with

boards 13 to 24, then swap boards at half time.

• Players will pay one token for each match they play. Name slips should be completed as

for an ordinary duplicate, with each team putting their 4 players on the slip.

• At each event, one team will have the responsibility for collecting name slips and tokens,

and putting them in an envelope marked with the date and “Leeds League”. They should

then put them in the safe, or pass them to Jim Edwards or whoever is running the No Fear

event in the other half of the room.

• That team will also be responsible for ensuring that the right boards are used for each


• The responsible team will be team A for the first event, then team B for the second event,

and continuing until event 7 for which team G will be responsible. Team H will be reserve,

used only if the relevant team is not playing on their allocated night.

• Responsible teams are shown in RED on the fixture list.

• There will be trophies for the winners of each division.

• Matches not played will be scored as -5 VPs for each team.

• Results of matches should be emailed to the League Secretary as soon as possible after

the match. The current standings will be displayed on the club website.


• There will be no handicaps used in Division 1.

• There will be a handicap system in Division 2. Each team has a published team NGS

score, and this will be used in all matches, irrespective of which team members are playing.

The lower ranked team will get a start of three quarters of the difference, rounded up, in


Promotion and relegation

• There will be the potential for promotion and relegation

• The team finishing 7th in division 1 will play the team finishing 2nd in division 2

• The team finishing 8th in division 1 will play the team finishing 1st in division 2

• The matches will be over 24 boards

• There will be no handicaps for these matches

• The winners of the matches will play in division 1 in the following season

Changes in teams

• There will be no new teams during this season

• New teams wishing to enter next year will be allocated at the discretion of the organiser

• If any team drops out during the season, all results involving that team will be scrubbed


• If there is a need for a director, teams should approach another playing team and ask for


• Teams should make every attempt to resolve disputes on the night

• Any unresolved disputes should be raised with the League organiser (Mike Ferguson).



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