COVID: Club Guidelines


In lifting the majority of the club’s Covid-related restrictions, we are conscious of the fact that Covid remains a serious threat, particularly to the unvaccinated. As ever, we want to do all we can to ensure the health & safety of everyone that plays at our club and, to that end, we recommend:

  • the continued use of the club's air purifiers;
  • the continued use of the club's hand sanitisers
    (in addition to regular hand-washing);
  • having the windows open, whenever possible, to ensure ingress of fresh air;
  • using the air conditioning units to circulate air within the rooms.


We also insist that anyone attending the club for any reason should:

  • be fully vaccinated against Covid;
  • not knowingly have recently been in contact with anyone with Covid;
  • not have tested positive for Covid within the last 10 days; and
  • feel completely well when they attend.

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