NEW from 28/2/22


Pre-booking is no longer required for the following face-to-face sessions at the club:

Wednesday Afternoon Gentle Bridge (2.00 pm) (Hosted)

Tuesday Evening Pairs (7.30 pm)

Monday Morning Chicago (10.30 am)

We encourage attendees for these sessions simply to turn up in good time prior to their respective start times.


In line with the government lifting of Covid-related restrictions, we are also taking a 'common-sense' approach at the club, with the majority of restrictions now removed. Air purifiers and hand sanitisers will remain as permanent features, as will the need for anyone attending the club to have been fully vaccinated, be free of Covid, and feel completely well.

COVID: Club Guidelines


In lifting the majority of the club’s Covid-related restrictions, we are conscious of the fact that Covid remains a serious threat, particularly to the unvaccinated. As ever, we want to do all we can to ensure the health & safety of everyone that plays at our club and, to that end, we recommend:

  • the continued use of the club's air purifiers;
  • the continued use of the club's hand sanitisers
    (in addition to regular hand-washing);
  • having the windows open, whenever possible, to ensure ingress of fresh air;
  • using the air conditioning units to circulate air within the rooms.


We also insist that anyone attending the club for any reason should:

  • be fully vaccinated against Covid;
  • not knowingly have recently been in contact with anyone with Covid;
  • not have tested positive for Covid within the last 10 days; and
  • feel completely well when they attend.

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Register for our 'Beginners' and 'Improvers' Classes

Click here to book a place on one of our 'Beginners' or 'Improvers' Classes.

Suspended Sessions

The following face-to-face sessions are currently suspended:

Wednesday 7.00 pm Guided Play - SUSPENDED

Saturday Sessions - SUSPENDED

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