Defence to Weak 2s and Multi 2D


Double with any balanced 12-15/16, or very strong hand

Bid 2NT with 16/17-19 and a stop in the suit

Bid a suit with 12+ and a good suit (6 cards or 5 with 2 top honours – e.g. AQJ94)


Assume it’s the weak option – a weak 2 in H or S.

In second seat:

Double with any balanced 12 – 15/16, or very strong hand.

Bid 2NT with 16/17 – 19 (over 2NT play your normal responses to an opening 2NT)

Bid 2H/2S with 11-17, 5 card suit or longer.

Bid 3C/3D with 11-17, 6 card suit or longer.

Hands that don’t fit – in some cases, you will have an opening bid but not one that allows any of the above actions. The most common is a three suited hand short in a major (which will probably be their suit). In this case pass initially, and double on the next round if that is the case.

With two suited hands, either bid your best suit (always bid a major if possible), or pass and then bid after they stop in 2H/S. This will always imply two suits, as you didn’t bid on the first round. Pass followed by 2NT shows both minors.

In fourth seat:

After 2D – P – 2H/S, double is any balanced 12-15/16, or very strong hand; 2NT is 17-19 with stops in both majors. Suit bids are natural – including 2S over 2H.

In sixth seat:

After 2D – P – 2H – P – P (or 2S)- Double is takeout, suits are natural but imply a two suiter (see above)

In eighth seat:

After 2D – P – 2H – P – 2S – P – P – Double is takeout, 2NT shows both minors


Assume partner has 12-15 balanced.

Lebensohl is highly recommended.

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