Division 2 Teams and Fixtures



A - Tailenders - Captain - Geoff Fox with Jackie Cowan, Tim Friedman, Mike Surr and Peter Doerfler

B - HARAM - Captain - Anne Mackman with Ruth Roope, Angela Buckley and Henry Irving

C - Brave Bidders – Captain - Sue Friedman with Godfrey Jackson, Pranjit Bhattacharyya and Lesley and Ronnie Millet

D - Hopefuls - Captain - Judy Hoffman with Betty Manning, Rhonda Moss and Ros Rawson

E - Chain Gang – Captain - Christina Turner with Jonathan Spry, Eileen Armstrong, Pat Ferguson, Linda Holroyde and Mollie Temple

F – Saffman - Captain - Simeon Saffman with Michael Sandpearl, Arnold Morris and Melvyn Cohen


Host Pair - Iain Wilson and Alistair Copeland



11 September 2019

A v D

B v E

C v F

30 October 2019

B v F

A v C

E v D

13 November 2019

D v B

F v A

C v E

18 December 2019

A v B

C v D

F v E

12 February 2020

C v B

E v A

D v F

11 March 2020

1st v 2nd

3rd v 4th

5th v 6th






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