Division 3 Teams and Fixtures


A – Reynolds - Captain – Dagmar Reynolds with Greg Reynolds, Fiona Richardson and Gerry Slater

B - Late Entries - Captain - Gopi Chandran with Dorothy Whittall, Tricia Gerstein and Martina Cronin

C - Just One Off - Captain – Tony Swann with Hilary Swann and Carole and Michael Taylor

D - The Only Way Is Up - Captain - Lesley Gray with Anne-Marie Norman, Pam Smith, Julia Waring and Lesley Easton

E - Benstock – Captain - Alan Benstock with Roger Cook, Faye Pliener and Marilyn Sefton

F - Cobden – Captain - Jenny Cobden with Marion Simpson, Mary Clark and Paul Kaufman


Host Pair - John and Gill Taylor



18 September 2019

A v D

B v E

C v F

16 October 2019

B v F

A v C

E v D

20 November 2019

D v B

F v A

C v E

15 January 2020

A v B

C v D

F v E

19 February 2020

C v B

E v A

D v F

18 March 2020

1st v 2nd

3rd v 4th

5th v 6th




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