Club Events - Pairs


Championship Pairs

This is on the third Tuesday of the month – September to April – and scored on a gross and a handicapped basis. To qualify for a place in the final standings a pair must play in at least 5 of the 8 rounds, and the best 5 scores will count. The pair with the best gross cumulative score wins the Championship Pairs Trophy. The pair with the best cumulative score after handicap wins the Joe Bloomberg Trophy.

The Newcomer Trophy will be awarded to the pair ranked below ‘Master’ with the best gross cumulative score. Previous winners of the Newcomers Trophy are not eligible.


Swiss Pairs (Currently running online but the trophies are not being awarded)

This event is currently being run online on the first Monday of each month.

Prevously it was run on different days during the summer (Summer Swiss Pairs) and winter (Winter Swiss Pairs) consisting of several rounds. This is likely to recommence in due course with individual prizes for the winners so players will not need to play with the same partners in each session. The winner of the Winter Swiss Pairs will be awarded the Sam Fielding Trophy and the winner of the Summer Swiss Pairs will be awarded the Jack Marks Trophy.  


Club Trophy Events

  • Alf Finlay Trophy and May Fish Trophy: handicapped events which will be run on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Betty Roberts Trophy: non-handicapped
  • Eleanor Kleiman Rosebowl: non-handicapped
  • Harry Brostoff Shield: handicapped
  • Leviton Trophy: non-handicapped
  • Mike Verity Trophy/Christmas Trophy: handicapped
  • Monty Simons Cup: handicapped
  • Raymond Jackson Trophy: handicapped
  • Selwyn Gaunt Trophy: handicapped


Club Events - Teams

Leeds League

This is a teams' event in four divisions.  It is generally played on Wednesday evenings although other times are permitted. 

The Raymond Wiener Trophy and the Mildred Cohda Cup will be awarded to prize winners at the end of the season.


Dixon Trophy

This is a handicapped teams' event consisting of 3 rounds. The top four teams after round 1 will go into the semi-final, followed by the final.


YCBA Events - Pairs


Simultaneous Pairs

Kath Grimoldy/Margery Cartwright/John Gerrard: YCBA run Simultaneous Pairs where the same boards are played by all participating clubs.  £1 additional table money is paid at these events. There are cash prizes for the top 3 pairs in the County with a donation to a charity nominated by the winners


Mixed Pairs Qualifier

A qualifying event for the YCBA Mixed Pairs Championship. Any pair can play in the qualifier but the top one third of mixed pairs qualify for the final which is held at Bradford Bridge Club in April.


YCBA Events -Teams


Yorkshire Cup Qualifier

This is run as a normal teams evening and any team can play.  50% of teams with all players below the rank of Regional Master qualify for the final which is held at Leeds Bridge Club in February.


Waddington Cup Qualifier

A non-handicapped teams’ event with 10% of teams qualifying for the final which is held at Leeds Bridge Club in July.


EBU Events


EBU Stratified Simultaneous Pairs

A simultaneous pairs’ event organised by the EBU with results stratified according to the NGS.  Pairs are compared to others of similar standing.  £2 extra table money is paid at this event.


EBED Stratified Simultaneous Pairs

The EBED Sim Pairs is a fundraising event which is organised by EBED (English Bridge Education and Development) and run by the EBU on its behalf.  The EBU acts as an agent for entry fees.

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