LBCT Trophy Winners 2019 to 2020

Leeds League Div 1 - Raymond Wiener Trophy - 7 of Diamonds - Alan Hayward, Alan Jarvis, Mike Ferguson, Martin Edge, Robin Jepson and Nick Woolven

Leeds League Div 2 - Mildred Cohda Cup - HARAM - Anne Mackman, Ruth Roope, Angela Buckley and Henry Irving

Leeds League Div 3 - Late Entries - Gopi Chandran, Dorothy Whittall, Tricia Gerstein and Martina Cronin

Leeds League Div 4 - Double Jeopardy - Helen Dickinson, Eamon McGeough, Erica Smith, Malcolm Harrison and Sue Prior

Jack Marks Trophy - (Summer Swiss Pairs 2019) - Kevin Higgins

Sam Fielding Trophy - (Winter Swiss Pairs) - Alistair Copeland

Alf Finlay Trophy (NH) - Julian Gibson and Dennis Murphy

Betty Roberts Trophy (NH) - Not played

Mike Verity Trophy (H) – Christmas - Judy Hoffman and Betty Manning

Dixon Trophy (H) - Oliver Cowan, Stephen Berson, Adrian Goulding and George Bak

Harry Brostoff Shield (H) - Clive Davies and Barbara Day

Eleanor Kleiman Rose Bowl (NH) - Not played

Leeds Championship Pairs - Mike Ferguson and Alan Hayward

Joe Bloomberg Trophy (H) - Tricia Gerstein and Rhonda Moss

Newcomer Pairs - Not awarded

Monty Simons Cup (H) - Suzanne, Ziff and Jackie Passman

Leviton Trophy (NH) - Fiona Brown and Mike Levi

Raymond Jackson Trophy (H) - Carole Taylor and Michael Taylor

Selwyn Gaunt Trophy (H) - Jacqui Brill and Jenny Cobden

May Fish Trophy - Malcom Harrison and Erica Smith

Improvers Trophy - Brian Glasby and Mary Gascoigne


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