'RealBridge' at LBCT - 'Monday Chicago' at 10.30 am and 'Wednesday Gentle Duplicate' at 2.00 pm

What is 'RealBridge'?

'RealBridge' is a new way of enjoying bridge online, enabling you to see and talk to your partner and opponents.  You can also see and talk to the Tournament Director/Teacher.  

How does 'RealBridge' work?

It works through a laptop, desktop computer or a tablet as long as the device supports video calling from a web browser

Which devices can be used?

You can use any of the following: Windows laptop, Windows tablet, Windows desktop, MacBook or other Apple laptop, ipad (from 2015 or newer), iMac or other Apple desktop, Chromebook or Android tablet.

Which devices cannot be used?

You cannot use any smartphone or an ipad that is older than 2015.

Which browsers can be used?

On a Windows or linux PCApple macOS or an Android tablet, use an up-to-date version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.  (Note: older versions of Edge and Internet Explorer do not work.)

You should be using a browser with one of these logos

(Other modern browsers may work but you would need to carry out the camera/microphone test with the browser before going to the session.)

On an Apple iPad, a Safari browser must be used because Apple does not allow other browsers to support video calling on iOS.

Testing your camera and audio equipment

Click here to go to the ‘Camera and Audio Testing’ page, on the ‘RealBridge’ website, where you can test your equipment.

More Information about ‘RealBridge’

Click here to go to the 'RealBridge' website and, once on the website, click on 'Players' and then on 'Player Guide' for information on how to play on 'RealBridge'.

Click here to watch a YouTube video of people playing on 'RealBridge' 

Click here to see the main video and audio buttons that you will use on 'RealBridge'




Playing in the 'Monday Chicago' and 'Wednesday Duplicate' RealBridge Sessions

Once you have clicked the link and logged in to 'RealBridgeyou will be placed in a waiting area (lobby) before you go to your table.  You will see that tables have been inserted and these will be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.  You should then do the following:

If you have a partner - First, look to see if your partner is already seated and, if so, join them at that table by clicking on the seat that is opposite them - North, South, East or West.  If they are not already there, you should go to one of the lower numbered tables, click on a seat and wait for them to join you.

If you DO NOT have a partner - Please sit at a higher numbered table, by clicking on one of the seats, and the TD will try to find a partner for you. This is similar to what you would do at the club.  

Each of our sessions will have a Tournament Director/Teacher who will be there to help you and will send messages to the players and/or talk to them, in person, at their tables, in order to give information/instructions and help with any technical difficulties or other problems.  

In the case of the Monday 'Chicago' session, you will stay at one table and play a series of boards at your own pace.

Once play begins, bids are made using bidding boxes that are similar to those that are used at the bridge club. 

Once you have played a couple of times, you will get to know your way around the software.

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Links to our Monday and Wednesday Sessions

The links for our sessions are below:

Click here to play in our Monday 'Chicago' session.

Click here to play in our Wednesday 'Gentle Duplicate' game.

(The links will be activated before each session.  Please do NOT bookmark/save these links as they will change each session.)

When you get the LogIn screen, do the following:

  • In the Full Name box type in your full name with initial capitals - eg John Smith
  • In the ID box, please put your EBU number.  If you do not know your EBU number, please leave the box blank.
  • Leave the other settings as they are.
  • Then click LogIn


Paying for your 'RealBridge' Sessions 

The Monday 'Chicago' sessions will be free until the end of the year, after which details will be sent, via email, regarding how to pay for these sessions.

The cost of the Wednesday 'Gentle Duplicate' sessions is £1.50 per session.  Members have been sent an email of how to pay for these sessions.



Please remember the following whilst playing on ‘RealBridge’.

  • Swith off your mobile phone
  • Dress appropriately
  • You can be seen and heard so do not count your points out loud or say anything that you would not say at the club
  • Alert as at the club - that is, partner alerts
  • Stop signs come up automatically







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