The Bridge Club has no paid staff and the whole operation is run by the members themselves, rather like a cooperative. A significant proportion of club members volunteer to assist in the running of the club, often in more than one role.  We are always looking for new volunteers and you can assist in the running of the activities in the following ways:

Tournament Directors (TDs)

We have a rota of TDs who organise the movement, call the moves and give any necessary rulings.  TDs are trained and if you would like to become a TD, we will pay for you to go on the EBU Club Director training programme.  New TDs are usually given a mentor to work with as joint TD during a probationary period. Please contact Julian Hayward (chair@leedsbridgeclub.com) if you think you might like to become a Tournament Director


We use bridgemates at the tables and a computerised scoring system which updates results during an event.  Working closely with the TD, the Scorer is responsible for ensuring that the correct movement is input and that any necessary amendments are made.  At the end of the event, the Scorer produces the final results for printing and uploading to the website.  Scorers are given training and support before assuming sole responsibility for an event. Scorers work on a monthly rota and if you would like to become a scorer please contact Julian Hayward (chair@leedsbridgeclub.com).


All hands are pre-dealt and a computerised record is produced which can be accessed via this website.  Duplimators prepare the hands for a week’s events at a time, using the mechanical duplimating machine.  Again training will be given to those willing to join the duplimating team. If you would like to join this team please contact Jonathan Spry (spryjonathan@hotmail.com)


We run a hosting system on Wednesday afternoons.  This allows visitors and those members without a partner to play without prior arrangements.  

Catering Assistants

We organise catering for many different matches and are always looking for new people to help on these occasions. If you are willing to be of help even once or twice a year plesase do contact our Secretary (secretary@leedsbridgeclub.com)

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