Structure and Rules

There will be 4 divisions in this year’s renewal of the Leeds League and teams’ places in each division have been allocated based on a number of criteria including, but not restricted to, last year’s league results and rankings of players within each team. As the League committee feel that the standards within each division are a lot closer than last year, and to have things in line with the Yorkshire League, there will be no handicaps this year.

League 1 will have 8 teams and each team will play all of the others in the division. Leagues 2,3 & 4 are all made up of 6 teams where each team will play all others in the division in the first 5 matches and the 6th match will be arranged in Swiss format where 1st v 2nd, 3rd v 4th and 5th v 6th to determine the final placings.

Matches will be fixed for Wednesdays.  Although there will be a few exceptions which can be seen on the Teams and Fixtures pages, generally League 1 will play on the first Wednesday, League 2 on the second Wednesday, League 3 on the 3rd Wednesday and League 4 on the fourth Wednesday of the month. As Leagues 2, 3 and 4 will only play 6 matches, they will have a ‘bye month’ when no games will be fixed which will be in December for Leagues 3 & 4 and January for League 2. There will be no issue with space as this has been addressed with other events that take place on a Wednesday.

We have a pair in each division who have offered to be a floating pair and will be available to make up a team in the event that you are struggling to get a team together for a match. This must be arranged in advance with as much notice as possible.  I am sure plenty of people already have holidays booked over the next 12 months so if you see a clash with dates set for a match then please let Oliver know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made with the host pair.

All matches in each league will play the same boards where possible in order that cross imps scores can be produced for the whole of that division. If, for any reason, a match is not being played on the allocated night then it is fine for the teams involved to make up the boards themselves but let Oliver Cowan know so that the cross imps are not affected.

All matches are IMP scored and then the result converted to the VP scale (up to 20-0) that will be shown on the standardised results sheet that will be available at the club when the league starts.






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