LBCT Trophy Winners 2021 to 2022


Adrian Hornby Trophy - Oliver Cowan


Alf Finlay Trophy (NH) - Derek Markham and Brian Ziff


Mike Verity Trophy (H) (Christmas) - Malcolm Harrison and Erica Smith


Harry Brostoff Shield (H) - Alistair Copeland and Janet Easter


Leeds Championship Pairs - Derek Markham and Geoff Kenyon


Joe Bloomberg Trophy (H) - Kevin Higgins and Bob Marchbank


Newcomer Pairs - Helen Dickinson and John Hall


Monty Simons Cup (H) - Bob Marchbank and Terry Read


Leviton Trophy (NH) - Alan Barnett and Alan Harte


Raymond Jackson Trophy (H) - Malcolm Harrison and Erica Smith


Selwyn Gaunt Trophy (H) - Chris Boyes and Daryl Kayes

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