LBCT Trophy Winners 2022 to 2023



Adrian Hornby Award – Jonathan Spry


Raymond Jackson Trophy (H) – Martin Epstein and Iain Wilson


Harry Brostoff Shield (H) – Rhonda Moss and Tricia Gerstein


Monty Simons Cup (H) – Sue Friedman and Nigel Stuttard


Eleanor Kleiman Rose Bowl (NH) – Alan Barnett and Alan Harte


Selwyn Gaunt Trophy (H) – Geoff Fox and Alex Wood


Alf Finlay Trophy (NH) – Rhonda Moss and Lesley Easton


Betty Roberts Trophy (NH) – Mike Ferguson and Nick Woolven


May Fish Trophy (H) – Jackie Passman and Terry Homburg


Leviton Trophy (NH) – Mike Surr and Tim Friedman


Leeds Championship Pairs – Melvyn Cohen and Stephen Berson


Joe Bloomberg Trophy (H) – Bob Marchbank and Kevin Higgins


Newcomer Trophy – Rhonda Moss and Steve Rich


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