Visitors are always welcome

Visitors are always welcome at the Club and we are always looking to recruit new members.

We run a host system on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that visitors may come along without a partner and be guaranteed a game.  Just come to the Club between 7.00 pm and 7.15 pm and introduce yourself to the host for the evening.  You will be charged £4.00 table money.

On other nights, please contact our Committee members whose contact details are provided under “Seeking a Partner” and they will do their best to fix you up with a game.

With the exception of those who come to Leeds intermittently, once you have played three times as a visitor we would expect you to join the Club as a full member.


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General enquiries

Julian Hayward, Secretary
07919 317775

Seeking a partner

Arthur Selman
0113 218 8861

Christina Turner
01937 579438


Sue Friedman


Michael Bowden

Contact us

Email, call 07919 317775 or complete this form

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